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September 2020

  • Do you charge VAT on a contractual bonus?
    Your architectural business earned a fixed commission for obtaining planning permission for a landowner. You are now due a bonus payment because the land sold for more than expected, but the landowner says they won’t pay it if you add VAT. What is the correct treatment?
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  • Letting office space in your building: does it affect your VAT?
    You’re looking to raise extra income to help recover from the effects of the lockdown. You have two unused offices in your building and are looking at subletting these. However, this will throw up some specific VAT issues. What do you need to know?
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  • Reclaiming VAT on computers for employees
    During the coronavirus lockdown, several of your employees worked from home and are keen to continue to do so on a part-time basis. You want to provide them with laptops to facilitate this. Can you reclaim the VAT you pay in full, or do you need to apportion it?
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  • How to deal with VAT on extra charges
    You may decide to charge customers some kind of fee, e.g. where they are late paying your invoices or as a service charge on top of the bill. Are there any opportunities to reduce VAT on this amount?
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  • What happens to VAT when you have to make adjustments?
    As a retailer, you prepare your VAT returns based on your daily sales figures. However, you’ve discovered that an employee has been keying sales to the incorrect VAT rate. What issues do you need to consider when making adjustments?
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