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September 2017

  • Get your VAT back on debts
    It’s bad news if a customer can’t or won’t pay, and where you’ve already handed over VAT on the sale to HMRC it adds insult to injury. Of course, you’ll get the VAT back if the debt goes completely bad, but how long do you have to wait and could you avoid paying it in the first place?
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  • Avoiding a VAT trap on employee salaries
    Usually, VAT isn’t part of the equation on staff salaries. However, where they work for more than one of your businesses and costs are shared, VAT can come into play. What steps are needed to prevent this?
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  • A VAT saving plan for landlords
    Starting a commercial property rental business can be expensive. How can you use the VAT option to tax to reduce your costs?
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  • Getting the most (VAT back) from mileage allowances
    If you pay your workers an allowance for business mileage covered in their personally owned vehicles, the rules allow you to reclaim the VAT on part of this. How much can you claim and what documentation do you need to keep?
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  • Discounting VAT
    Special offers, discounts and BOGOFs can increase your sales. But how can you make sure you don’t end up handing over too much VAT to HMRC?
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