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November 2017

  • Claiming back VAT from before you traded
    If your business takes a long time to develop a saleable product, it can incur a lot of VAT on costs before it actually starts to trade. How can you reclaim this, and is there a way of gaining a cash-flow advantage?
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  • Accounting for VAT on commission receipts
    Your business might occasionally receive commission payments, for example when you introduce prospective clients to an insurance provider. Are these receipts exempt from VAT, and if so what are the consequences?
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  • Splitting a business to avoid registration
    Your business turnover has enjoyed a recent boom but you are now worryingly close to the VAT registration threshold, and you don’t want to register if at all possible. How might you legitimately avoid going over the threshold?
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  • Do you have to charge VAT on staff perks?
    Providing your staff with perks is a business expense, and so you can reclaim VAT. However, it’s easy to forget that when you make the perk available, you are also making a supply. What steps can you take to avoid incurring a liability?
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  • Could self-billing benefit your business?
    Your customers may ask if they can operate “self-billing”. This enables them to produce the sales invoice instead of you needing to send one. What advantages does this offer, and do you need formal approval from HMRC?
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