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December 2017

  • Saving tax when you’re partially exempt
    If you make a mixture of taxable and exempt supplies, you will be classed as partially exempt and subject to special rules. What can you do to save money?
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  • Removal means reclaim?
    If you help your employees financially with the cost of relocating, you might be aware that there are income tax breaks that can mean no taxable benefit arises. But what about any VAT you have to pay?
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  • Accounting for VAT on advance deposits
    Sometimes your customers will be required to pay a deposit at the time of placing an order, with the balance payable later on. What is the correct way to account for VAT?
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  • How far back can you claim?
    Your business can reclaim VAT on goods and services incurred before you register, but the rules impose time limits. How can you extend these time limits and reclaim even more?
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  • Correcting VAT errors - the correct way
    If you make an error on one of your VAT returns, there is a specific way of putting things right. What is this process, and why is it so important to follow it carefully?
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