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April 2018

  • Saving VAT on furniture
    If you use your small company to buy furniture in order to reclaim VAT, HMRC could treat you differently than a larger firm. How can you avoid an argument?
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  • VAT recovery on a tax-efficient benefit
    You can provide your employees with a mobile phone without it leading to a taxable benefit - but the position for VAT recovery isn’t as straightforward when these are used for both private and business calls. What can you do to maximise recovery?
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  • Claiming VAT on accommodation costs
    Expenses you incur that relate to your home generally can’t be recovered, but the position where you run a business from home is slightly different. What can you reclaim and can you claim for things like repairs?
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  • Are you missing out on additional savings?
    If you use the flat rate scheme, you are probably aware of the efficiency and VAT savings it can offer. If you incur expenses for “mixed use” purposes, there could be extra savings that are being missed. Where could you be going wrong?
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  • Is providing storage a taxable supply?
    If your business rents out space that could be used for storage, you need to consider the VAT position carefully. When do you have to charge your customers VAT and how can you protect yourself?
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