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July 2018

  • Forming a VAT group to save money
    If you need to move profit from one trading company to another just to be able to pay a dividend to shareholders, there are VAT traps for the unwary. So how do you keep HMRC at bay?
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  • Don’t miss out on reclaiming input tax
    A December 2017 deal with the EU means that the current rules on VAT and Duty on imports could continue for several years. What can you claim, and how do you do it?
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  • How to secure the reduced rate when renovating property?
    If you are renovating a residential property that has been empty for at least two years, you should be able to charge the lower VAT rate of 5%. HMRC will sometimes ask you to prove that it was empty, so how do you do this?
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  • What happens if you’ve lost the VAT receipt?
    You are reviewing the company credit card statement in order to prepare your VAT return, but there are several items of expenditure where you cannot find an associated VAT receipt. You don’t want to lose out on claiming the input tax, so what should you do?
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  • When will HMRC impose market value?
    You may occasionally sell goods at below market price or transfer assets at a nil value, but HMRC might insist on using a higher price for VAT purposes. When will it do this, and can you get around it somehow?
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