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August 2018

  • Get the wording right - or pay the price
    The exact wording of a contract can have a big effect on what both parties to it are obliged to do. When it comes to VAT, HMRC is keen to collect as much as possible, and is unlikely to be sympathetic to ambiguous wording. How can you protect yourself?
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  • What will happen during a VAT inspection?
    One way to relieve the stress that inevitably accompanies a VAT inspection is to familiarise yourself with exactly what the inspector is likely to check and how they will do it. How can this help you pre-empt any tough questions?
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  • Can you recover VAT on fees associated with selling a business?
    It’s a widely known fact that if you sell your business and it qualifies as a transfer of a going concern, you do not charge the buyer VAT. Does this mean that you can’t reclaim VAT on any associated costs, such as solicitors’ fees?
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  • How grouping can avoid VAT on management charges
    Where you trade through multiple companies, it is likely that you will want to share the burden of the overhead costs. One way to do this is by making charges between the companies for management services, but this can cause problems. How could these be avoided?
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  • Selling your trading debtors to raise finance
    Debt factoring is a way of using your trading status as collateral to raise finance. However, doing this can have an effect on bad debt relief for VAT. Why is this, and how can you ensure you don’t miss out?
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