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March 2019

  • Don’t miss out on reclaiming VAT for your start-up
    You’re a successful business owner who has decided to try your hand at something different. You have set up a new company that has been incurring significant start-up costs, but hasn’t yet started to trade. How can you avoid missing out on VAT recovery?
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  • Leaving the FRS? Do it correctly!
    Your business turnover has just exceeded the flat rate scheme limit and so you must leave it. The business has stock, equipment and unpaid invoices on hand. What VAT adjustments are required and how should you make them?
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  • Avoiding traps when selling goods online
    Smaller businesses that sell goods can punch above their weight if they embrace online selling platforms, but this brings some specific VAT matters into play. What are these, and how do you ensure you’re accounting for your VAT correctly?
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  • Don’t forget about annual tax points
    If you make supplies of your services to an associated business, there are special rules that require you to account for VAT in a particular way if that business can’t recover all of the VAT. When do you need to do this and is there a way around it?
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  • What is the correct way to deal with errors in your returns?
    Making mistakes is all but inevitable in your VAT reporting, and dealing with matters correctly is essential to minimise penalties. What are the different methods of error correction, and in what circumstances should they be used?
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