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April 2019

  • What does the twelve-month soft landing period mean in practice?
    If you are reporting your VAT under Making Tax Digital, you will need to have digital links between your financial data and the quarterly VAT reports. What changes might you need to make, and what does the recently announced soft landing period mean for your business?
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  • What are the VAT consequences of trivial benefits?
    Trivial benefits can be a tax-efficient way of providing small tax-free rewards to your employees. An HMRC webinar provides some useful information about income tax and NI consequences but says nothing about VAT or corporation tax. What do you need to know?
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  • Get the VAT right when selling goods with private use
    Your business owns several vans which your employees use for both business and non-trivial private journeys. One of these is due to be sold shortly. How much VAT, if any, should you charge the buyer?
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  • Is VAT due where you utilise product placement?
    Many businesses will provide their retailers with special display units to help draw attention to their products. However, doing so might mean you have to account for VAT under the business gift rules. Fortunately there is a simple way to avoid this. What is it?
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  • When does an exempt supply of land become taxable?
    You organise market sales events where you supply pitches to sellers. You have never charged them VAT as you believe the supplies are exempt. HMRC has now told you that you need to charge VAT due to other services you supply to the sellers. Is this correct?
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