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May 2019

  • When should you register by?
    Making Tax Digital is now up and running for VAT, and most businesses with turnover above the registration threshold will be preparing to submit the first return under the new system. What does HMRC’s updated guidance say about when you need to register by?
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  • Do you need to charge VAT on a sale of your business?
    You have been running an unincorporated business for a few years. It has been more successful than predicted, and is starting to attract interest from potential buyers. Do you need to charge VAT if the sales price pushes you over the VAT threshold?
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  • Letting your holiday home: is there a VAT trap?
    You own a holiday cottage. You’ve decided to let it out for short breaks to paying guests. Your accountant has advised you to register for VAT, but you thought the income would be exempt. Who is correct?
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  • When do you apply the zero rate?
    You have started a construction business and registered for VAT. You undertake several different types of work, and are aware that the zero rate of VAT applies to some of these. How do you correctly identify these?
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  • What if goods are lost or stolen?
    You have recently started selling to overseas customers, and this has steadily grown. However, during the current VAT period you have had a consignment lost in transit. It is also possible some have been stolen. How do you account for the VAT correctly?
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